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The original Windows app has been superseded by a new version written in Java. You can still download the old version, but it is no longer supported.

Windows program V1.3.2Download (3.8Mb)Read help

Version history

Version 1.3.2

This version contains about 500 new words, and corrections and updates to spelling and pronunciation of existing words.

It also supports the new method of playing sounds online: the old method does not support all words, and will be removed shortly.

Version 1.3.1

This version contains two bug fixes:

  • read: in learn mode, the fatha button did not work
  • sound: sound download was unreliable

Version 1.3

This version contains the following new features:

  • learn: completely re-designed to use spaced repetition system, which offers much more effective learning
  • speak: now supports selection of words by phoneme as well as by letter
  • read: completely re-designed to use the same methods as the web site
  • examples: now over 1200 examples, rated by difficulty
  • full support within the app for usage in arabic
  • lots more words
  • feminine and plural for all arabic adjectives, and gender indicated for all nouns

Version 1.2

This version contains the following new features:

  • about a thousand new words
  • over 350 fully annotated examples of typical usage
  • built-in sound download

Version 1.01

This fixes a bug on the search tab where, on some computers, the arabic words are not displayed.

Version 1.00

This version contains lots of new features:

  • an option to help you learn to read arabic
  • a full thesaurus, with all english words classified
  • arabic language support within the application
  • improved user interface
  • stressed-syllable marks
  • full verb listings- perfect/imperfect/ha-bi-imperfect/imperative/participles
  • integrated with the new Egyptian Arabic Grammar

Version 0.91

This version contains about 500 new words, plus some improvements to the Egyptian Arabic grammar documents.

Version 0.9

This version contains a lot of new words, and the existing words have been reviewed and corrected.

We have learned a lot from creating the Android app, so this version of Windows app has a completely revised, simplified user interface. I hope that most people will find it a lot easier to use. For those who are familiar with the old version and prefer it, you can enable it using the Enable old menu option in the Choose view.

There is now a recording of nearly 100% of the arabic words. That's a lot of extra information, so the sound modules are now supplied separately. You can download the sound module for the language you are interested in, and have fast access to sounds even if you don't have an internet connection.

If you don't download the sound modules, the application will download the sound from every time you press a Play button. There may be a small delay while the application downloads each sound from the web.

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